Our Workstation Assessment provides actionable insights for improving desktop, laptop, and server stability and security. The inc-sys Workstation Assessment includes a detailed report and analysis of each computer and recommendations for future maintenance.

We recommend an assessment for every inc-sys client before implementing our help desk and managed workstation services. The assessment is included in our ongoing support, provided a regular feedback loop to reduce support calls and improve your productivity.

Do you need a workstation assessment? Read our article here, and see why inc-sys recommends them for our clients.

Workstation Assessments Include:

  • Installation of Monitoring Agent on every workstation

  • One month of performance data collection

  • Report and analysis on each workstation

  • Recommendations for improving performance and security

  • Quarterly Workstation Assessments

    Included with our Workstation Management and Service+ support packages

Trial Workstation Assessment:

Before signing up with inc-sys for Help Desk, Managed Workstation or Service+, we provide an initial assessment on your workstations. There is a 10-station minimum at $50 per station. If you choose to sign up for one of our service options, we will apply the assessment fee to your first service invoice.

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