Do You Need a Workstation Assessment?

Give yourself a point for each statement that applies to your workstations.

  1. Our workstations are operating at peak performance.
  2. My employees rarely experience long startups or inconvenient Windows updates.
  3. None of our workstations are infected with viruses, malware, spyware, or ransomware.
  4. My IT staff rarely receives help desk calls.
  5. My team never downloads unauthorized software, fonts, or shareware.
  6. Our applications, operating system, and antivirus software updates are current.

If your score is anything less than a six, you can use a workstation assessment. That may seem extreme, but any one of these issues reduces productivity or presents a serious risk to your business.


The Role of Workstation Assessments and Management

 A workstation assessment helps your support provider diagnose and remedy maintenance, security, and performance issues.

  1. Improve Productivity — Each support call adds to your IT team’s workload and delays the end user. Furthermore, when poorly maintained computers do break down, they are out of service longer. Bringing the machine back online requires more updates, virus removal, operating system update, and even testing.
  2. Reduce Security Threats — Staying current on Operating System, Software, and Antivirus updates significantly reduce your odds of infection. Malicious actors key in on known weaknesses betting that a percentage of users will fail to make updates.
  3. Increase Performance — Employees who dread a lengthy startup of their computer and applications are less likely to take it out of their bag. We all get thirty minutes here and there to get a little extra work done, but if their machine takes 15-minutes to get going, forget about it. Slow operation is just as bad. Underpowered equipment can drain your team’s performance.
  4. Support Team Morale — Proper maintenance supports more than your computers. It supports your team. Working on faulty, slow equipment is demoralizing. When an employee looks around the room and sees ten different computers all running better than their own, they can feel set up to fail.
  5. Standardization — A templated computer image makes rolling out new machines easier. A template also helps your support team test software and operating system updates before rolling them out to the team. Furthermore, when an end-user finds an issue, your support team can effectively replicate, confirm, and address the problem.


The inc-sys Workstation Assessment

Our Workstation Assessment provides actionable insights for improving desktop, laptop, and server stability and security. The inc-sys Workstation Assessment includes a detailed report and analysis of each computer and recommendations for future maintenance.


Click here to learn more about our Workstation Assessment.

Arranging Your IT for Social Distancing

How are you preparing your office for the return of employees? Many businesses are reviewing their floor plans to improve social distancing. Whether that means changing furnishings, turning small meeting rooms into offices, or spreading out in your facility, moves will be needed. You may even decide to transition a portion of your team to work remotely on a permanent basis.

While movers and office interior companies are eager to move and install furnishings, most are hesitant to touch the electronics. inc-sys specializes in IT relocation services. We quickly and securely disconnect, inventory, and stage your electronics for moving and reconnection. Once the electronics are safely out of the way, your interiors can be efficiently reconfigured.

Our IT relocation services keep your office redesign or move on time and on budget. Plus, our technicians reconnect, dress cables, and reattach mounts so that your workspaces are beautiful and ready for work.

If you’re ready to start planning for the return of employees and the “new normal,” give us a call. We can help you plan your IT relocation as well as refer you to partners for office interiors, custom safety signage, and other essential services and equipment for preparing a safer environment.

Contact us here for more information.

Our IT Relocation Services Include:

  • Electronic Disconnect & Reconnect (ED&R)
    • Workstations/Desktops
    • Server Rooms
    • Communication Closets
  • Monitor Arm Mounting
  • Workspace Cable Dressing
  • Post Move Support
  • New Workstation Deployment
  • New Monitor Deployment
  • IT Asset Inventory Services

Supporting Remote Workers – A New Strain on IT Resources

Offices across the country are coming to grip with a new reality and quite likely a new normal. Businesses shifted overnight from having 5 to 20% of their workforce remote, to as much as 100% remote. What began as a few weeks at home, has possibly shifted the balance of remote employees for years to come. IT teams initially responded by adding VPNs, preparing laptops, and deploying equipment for at-home use.

The equipment is essential, but the new remote worker needs more. To be as effective at home as in the office, they need help desk support, training, and the ability to communicate with their teams efficiently. Working from home can be a considerable challenge for some remote workers and IT teams designed to support corporate offices have been overwhelmed with support calls.


Getting and Staying Connected

Instead of supporting one environment, IT teams are dealing with dozens or even hundreds of unique, at-home networks. Their employees are connecting at varying speeds, using many carriers, router types, and sometimes configured by the household “expert.” Although the IT team may not be able to resolve every connectivity issue, it will result in additional support calls.


Video Conference

Video conferencing is a great way to collaborate. With options for recording, screen sharing, and demonstrating tasks, they can be a big boost to productivity. However, proficiency takes practice. Offering training for your employees can help them feel comfortable with the tools and make them even more productive.


Use Your Own Device (UYOD) Support

Whether this is company policy or a quick fix, this demands a reliable help desk. UYOD is the wild west of tech support. The help desk must understand your company’s applications and how they perform on Mac and PC. They will be troubleshooting a wide range of issues stemming from old equipment, old OS, new OS, infected PCs, and sluggish performance, to name a few.


Use Your Own Device (UYOD) Security

Maintaining software and security is much simpler with standardized equipment. Standardized PC “images” allow for remote updates. You can also manage settings that require automated updates for the latest application and OS security. Furthermore, company PCs are usually locked down tight to prevent rogue software and other “pathogens” that deliver malware and spyware. If you are allowing UYOD, additional support will be needed to maintain security.


Designing a New Strategy for Support

The initial response for most businesses when sending workers home for the COVID-19 crisis was to make sure their employees had the equipment and could connect. However, your business will need new strategies for supporting long-term remote workers. With the vaccine predicted to be many months away, treatments still uncertain, and social distancing our best defense, the new normal will be maximizing productivity at a distance.

Inc-sys supports remote employees with personable and knowledgeable assistance for network, OS, and application issues. Connect with us today to try our service and design a program to give your remote teams an edge.


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