• Inc-Sys Service Desk | Quick & courteous support based in the US with an 80% first-touch resolution

At inc-sys, we are passionate about taking great care of your employees. That is why we designed the inc-sys Service Desk to ease the burden on your IT team and make your entire organization more productive. We’ve also made several options available to meet most any budget.

Help Desk

Improve IT Team Productivity — We support your end users with professional, courteous service and aim for an 80% resolution rate on first contact. That way you can focus your internal IT team on supporting business objectives and leave the Tier 1 application, OS and connectivity issues to us.

Managed Workstation

Reduce Support Calls & Improve Security — With Managed Workstations, inc-sys provides consistency in configuration and timely updates to software, operating systems, and security applications. With managed workstations, your team will make fewer support calls, be more productive, and have greater security.


Improve Business Productivity & Security — Service+ combines Help Desk and Managed Workstation services. Service+ reduces support calls and reinforces our continuous process improvement, helping us identify issues that can be addressed with every workstation. Improve productivity and security across your organization.

Help DeskManaged WorkstationService +
Initial Workstation Assessment
Quarterly Workstation Assessment
Remote Desktop /
End User Support
Software Support
US Service and Support Team
Microsoft 365 Administration
VPN User Assistance
Password Resets
Email Login Issues
Industry Specific Software Support
Remote Workstation Setup
Patch Management
and OS Updates
Managed Anti-Virus
and Anti-Malware
Web Filtering (Dark Web,
Payload Sites, etc.)
Software Updates
Health Reporting

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