Working to keep your Projects

On Time and On Budget


Do you demand to stay within budget?


Are you the kind of Project Manager that must be on schedule?


Do you believe that there should be resources available to effectively complete a project on time as planned?


Do you believe that a team should take ownership of their tasks, and strive to perform them as efficiently & accurately as possible?


Do you want to keep the IT Team focused on the new infrastructure and addressing network needs, not buried in disconnection and reconnecting workstations and servers?

Have we got a technology service for your next move.

By focusing on resource allocation based on Project Size, Scale of Difficulty, and your Time Frame, we can accurately staff your project without impact on price.

Our goal is to make the mover as efficient as possible by coordinating a time and route with their Project Manager, effectively ensuring their crew is never slowed down, and keeping your project on-time.

Our pricing model is static, prices assigned to a number of items, and not tied to hours of labor.  This makes our work lean and keeps the movers on schedule, and costs down.

It also allows us to increase the number of our techs without adding additional costs to the project.

Additionally, we can provide post-move techs to assist on the day(s) following your move.

Stay On Time and On Budget with our technology disconnect/reconnect team working in tandem with your move crew.

Relocation Services

  • Electronic Disconnect & Reconnect (ED&R)
    • Workstations/Desktops
    • Server Rooms
    • Communication Closets
  • Monitor Arm Mounting
  • Workspace Cable Dressing
  • Post Move Support
  • New Workstation Deployment
  • New Monitor Deployment
  • IT Asset Inventory Services